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Aromatherapy in Perspective

With the use of vital oils that are extracted from flowers, herbs, and trees, aromatherapy seeks to provide individuals a revitalized sense of being. The effects of aromatherapy are both physical and mental. It is seen as a form of alternative medicine that can provide long lasting benefits, especially, relief from stress, anxiety and depression.

There are three types of aromatherapy. Firstly, home aromatherapy is self administrable as any individual can buy the products from the market such as oils, candles and herbs. In this context, the products of aromatherapy are user-friendly and can be utilized without any side effects. Since most products are extracts from nature, they enable a sense of consumer confidence as consumers don't have to worry about the contents within these products, as is usually the case with other medicines. Secondly, clinical aromatherapy is conducted at a higher level by a professional aroma therapist in an office environment. It utilizes the concept of massage on a broader basis with various types of oils. Therefore, it requires a professional skilled in massage to help patients relieve tension from the body through massaging different muscle groups in the body. read more.....


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