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Aromatherapy Healing

Aromatherapy Healing

Aromatherapy is considered as the most soothing way of detoxifying your body, externally and internally. It is done by using oils extracted from herbs and flowers. The oils used are commonly called essential oils and that is because of their specific fragrances. These oils are medicinal and are used to massage your body externally. When massaged on the body, pores on the skin open up and the oil penetrates into your body through them. This nourishes your skin, giving a healthy sheen to it. The essential oils are extracted by distillation, cold pressed expression and solvent expression.

Over time, your skin slackens and becomes colorless due to the toxic agents present in the environment.
The essential oils are used for different purposes such as for reliving anxiety, reducing stress,
sleeplessness, indigestion, relieving fatigue, muscular pain, elevating the mood, to fight depression, viral
and fungal allergies, for curing inflammation and internal injuries and for enhancing blood circulation.
Aromatherapy also cures body odour . Our nostrils constitute several olfactory nerves which, after
perceiving the odors of these aroma oils, transfer them to the nervous system, reducing headaches.
These aromas get mixed in the bloodstream and, from there, spread into the tissue system of the body.

In this way, several body cells get nurtured and function properly. The fragrance of these aroma oils also
helps people quit smoking. When these aromas are intercepted by the brain, they have a soothing
effect on the nerve cells related to memory, emotions and pleasure. This helps in elevating your mood
and overall wellbeing. These aromas help in enhancing the functioning of pituitary gland and
hypothalamus too.  

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