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Aromatherapy bath

Chemistry of aromatherapy bath salts

After a hard day's work at office, one definitely feels like taking a refreshing bath to calm one's mind and what better way to make your bath even more refreshing than to mix some bath salts that aromatherapy has to offer.

Aromatherapy bath salts add a soothing element to your bath and has a calming effect on the muscles of your body. As salt increases the specific gravity of water, it provides buoyancy by which the body seems to float on the water. By adding aromatic oils that have a particular odor, it will stir up your sense of smell and further rejuvenate your mind. Due to the presence of magnesium sulphate, bath salts create a low osmosis potential as they do not absorb the vital salts of the skin and thereby protect the skin
from sagging. Another important benefit of aromatherapy bath salts is that it softens the skin. This is
because of the presence of phosphates that do not harm the skin.

However, it should be kept in mind that people who are allergic to these salts should take precautions
and should use these salts only after consulting their physician. To test whether you are allergic to the
salts, you should first soak your hands or feet in the water and see what effect it has on your skin.

These salts can either be purchased from the pharmacy or one can make these at home by using Epson
salt with aromatherapy oils. Moreover, one can actually give these homemade salts as gifts to friends.
By mixing these salts in water, they create an environment much similar to that of hot springs where a
high content of magnesium phosphate is also usually present. Aromatherapy bath salts have a positive
effect on health and one should use them regularly so as to rejuvenate himself/herself.  

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