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Lavender aromatherapy

Discover the delight of lavender oil

Aromatherapy involves the use of natural oils and herbs that provide calming effect to an individual. Among the most frequently used oils is lavender, is the most popular one. It is extracted through the distillation process from the plants. It is used to evoke calm and serene aura. In addition, it is also used in treating stress and other related problems. Its sleep inducing nature makes the lavender oil the perfect substance to treat sleep disorders. The oil can be added to the bathing water to experience the calming effect.

The uniqueness of lavender oil lies in the fact that it can be used in undiluted form and can be applied directly. Minor cuts, sunburns and eczema can be treated with the application of this.
Generally, it has no side effects; however some people may be sensitive to the oil. Headaches can be
treated by applying few drops of oil on the temples. Lavender eye pillows use lavender oil in addition to
dried lavender buds and aid in relieving emotional as well as physical stress. Its use helps to reduce
anxiety and anger. Due to its rejuvenating and relaxing nature, is also known as mood balancing herb.

The lavender oil has soothing and sedative effect too and its use is very simple. Lavender can be placed
in cupboards and drawers. However, the people taking medicines and drugs should use lavender with
precaution else it may cause drowsiness. Also cancer patients and expecting mothers should not use
lavender. Recent researches show that lavender is beneficial for cancer patients too. These are subject
to different researches taking place so should be taken with caution.

Besides lavender pillows, floral water, bath salts and eye pillows can also be used. It is a wonderful
thing to relax your mind and nerves. There is nothing as calming and as rejuvenating as the lavender
oil and it is worth being possessed. 

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