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Aromatherapy spa

The Scented bath

At last, we seem to found a solution for stress related problems in the age old concept of aromatherapy. The concept involves the use of herbs and essential oils derived from natural substances. The oils used are lavender, jasmine, mint, chamomile, rose and sandalwood. Each of these oils have unique attribute of their own. Aromatherapy spa is gaining popularity because of their therapeutic value. Like lavender oil is used basically to treat sleep related disorders. Vanilla oil has a calming effect while ocean mist can enliven you. Around 15 to 25 drops of oil should be added in the bathing tub. These oils when added in the water will cause the color of water to change. It is always beneficial to mix oil with water to increase its effect. Also this oil should be stored in dark and shady place in a tight fitting jar. These oils penetrate and enter into the body pores. An ideal aromatherapy spa consists of one ounce sesame oil, three
ounces almond oil, one and a half ounces olive oil half ounce wheat germ oil and one ounce canola oil.

Aromatherapy spa provides calming and relaxing effect to the mind. In addition, they evoke serenity
around you and help in rejuvenation from within. They also reduce the physical tiredness and refresh
you. However, expecting mothers should not go in for aromatherapy spas. Oil should be selected
considering the skin type. Tea tree, marigold and lavender should be avoided in case of sensitive skin.
In case of sensitive skin, floral waters can be used.

Going for aromatherapy spa can cause a hole in your pocket. Thus, it becomes necessary and
enjoyable to select oils on your own and create your own house spa. It helps you detoxify all
negativity around you and even increase the blood circulation. Also, even reduces respiratory problems.

Hope you enjoy your Aromatherapy spa session. 


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