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Aromatherapy massage oil

Aromatherapy massage oil – for a relaxing and soothing massage

Massages are a great way of relaxation, relieving stress and improving the circulation of blood. When the massage is done by aromatherapy lotions, essential and carrier oils the same effect is achieved but the pleasure increases even more. There are different kinds of aromatherapy essential oils that are used and they all have different purposes. Chamomile, lavender, green tea, rosehips, tree barks, eucalyptus, basil, citrus, thyme and lemon seed are some of the natural substances from which these essential oils are extracted. Using the right essential oil is very important to get the right effect. For instance, lavender has anti-inflammatory, soothing and skin healing properties. Roman chamomile has the ability to treat boils, arthritis, allergies and other such problems.

There are also some massage oils of aromatherapy that are used by pregnant women to pamper and
relax themselves. Massage oils are also used by sportsmen to treat injuries. These oils induce sleep,
relieve pain, energize an individual and have great healing properties. As they use natural ingredients,
the popularity of aromatherapy massage oil has increased manifold.

The method of massage is as important as choosing the right massage oil. Do not forget to tell your
massage therapist what you are looking for and what are the body parts that you want him or her to
emphasize upon. The massage should be done in a circular motion on the desired area with the right
amount of pressure to get good results. Once this is done, rinse with soap and warm water. Try to
avoid the contact of these oils with your eyes.

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