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Aromatherapy scents – for healthy mind and body

Aromatherapy as the name suggests, signifies nothing but the great effect of aroma or scents. The effects of aromatherapy scents have been used to cure people since ages and are definitely a treat for senses. There are different scents that are used to cure different problems. These scents affect human beings in all three ways – mentally, physically and spiritually. When these scents are inhaled by an individual, several messages are sent to the limbic system in the brain through olfactory nerve endings. The limbic system, also known as the ‘old brain', controls the instinctive responses such as aggressive, sexual and emotional behaviors.

For example, Ylang ylang, jasmine and vanilla are some of the scents that arouse sexual desire.
Sandalwood and musk are known to entice women as the chemical make-up of these products greatly
resembles male-hormones. Cinnamon is also known to ignite female passions.

‘Aromatherapy symphony' is considered to be a perfume which is a perfect blend of base, middle and top
notes. Top notes are fleeting, sharp and alluring. They are the first ones to be noticed in fragrance and
they also fade away quickly. Middle notes sum up all fragrances in the drying process, which is the main
essence of all the fragrances. Last but not least are the base notes. These are rich, deep, stable and
grounding notes that stabilize the scent because of their slow rate of evaporation. Aromatherapy scents
have a great healing capacity and ensure great joy and energy to human beings by providing them
tranquility of mind. 

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