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Aromatherapy Scent

Aromatherapy Scent

We all love fragrances. Some fragrances rekindle past memories attached to them and make us remember particular events while some even help you recall the memories of some special person. Fragrances stimulate positive or negative energies in you; and have the ability of elevate your mood or drag you into depression and anxiety. So, sweet fragrances are an essential part of your life and help in maintaining your wellbeing and scents play a deep and important role in bringing out our best moods.

The aromatherapy scents are then certainly a great boon. The aromatherapy scents are used for many therapeutic purposes. Aromatherapy scent is basically the fragrance of the essential
oils that are used for aromatherapy healing. These essential oils are used for elevating moods, enhancing
hormonal functions and for calming down the nervous system. The aromatherapy scents are derived from
flowers, raisins, herbs, trees and roots.

These scents are usually mixed with base oils and used for massaging the body and scalp. They are also
used in the bath so that the body cells can directly perceive them. The aromatherapy scents can also be
burned and diffused in the air for us to inhale or used in the form of colognes. These are used in several
healing processes such as elevating moods, improvement of psychic abilities, anointing, detoxification,
attracting people, purifying the air, to fight depression and many more. The most popular aroma scents
used for healing are:
•  Bergamot - used for healing anxiety, tension and stress.
•  Lavender - used for healing stress, hypertension and depression.
Geranium - used for healing depression, PMS and swelling of nerves.

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