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Natural Aromatherapy

Natural Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is an ancient practice that is used for healing via natural methods, using natural products. With the sudden increase of industries and the mounting work pressure, people had temporarily forgotten this natural way of keeping themselves fit. Natural Aromatherapy uses essential oils or natural oils extracted from fruits, roots, vegetables, medicinal herbs and sometimes even the bark of certain trees. Aromatherapy cure dates back to the age of kings who used this method of healing with essential oils extensively. Natural aromatherapy constitutes two words, aroma (fragrance) and therapy (treatment).

Aromatherapy mainly treats the individual by infusing the fragrance of the essential oils into your nerves.
Aromatherapy is done by massages, vapor inhalation, atomization, scalp massage, bathing, burning of
aromatic herbs and diffusion of aromatic scents in the air so that you can inhale the air and you cells
perceive the aromas directly. Essential oils are used in body massages. Due to the massage, the body
gets warmed up and the minute pores on the skin are opened up. The aromatic essential oils get into
the bloodstream through these pores and then get transferred to different body tissues. Body tissues
get detoxified with aromatherapy massage which gives a healthy sheen to the body externally and also
nourishes the cells internally. The best part of natural aromatherapy is that there are no side effects.
Natural aromatherapy tends to make you more relaxed, calm, and full of positive attitude and fresh vigor.
This natural way of healing improves your whole personality. This is because when you are healthy and
free of anxiety, your outlook towards everything becomes positive. Natural aromatherapy is also used for
healing allergies, acne and pain in joints and is also effective in relieving non-curable migraine.  

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