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A leap in past to know the wonders of Aromatherapy

The use of natural herbs for making oils and using them for the physical and mental well-being is termed as Aromatherapy . The term ‘ Aromatherapy ' was not known till the 20 th century its roots can be traced back to thousands of years ago. This art was first developed in China , where incense was used to cure people from physical and emotional problems. This incense was used to cure even the hormonal imbalances in the people.

Then this art became popular in the Egypt , where the distillation of cedarwood was carried to make the oil. Egyptians suggested the use of fragrant oils for the purpose of bathing and for mummifying the dead people. Imhotep, the famous Egyptian physician even made the
use of aromatherapy fumes to cure people suffering from the deadly disease Plague.

Rene Maurice Gattefosse, the French chemist, was the first one to coin the term Aromatherapy in the
year 1930. He was motivated and bewildered by the shocking advantages of the use of lavender,
which was beneficiary in curing and healing the burnt out skin areas and scars. Even during the World
War II, Dr. Jean Valnet, a French army surgeon, even made the extensive use of the oils to cure many
people with fatal wounds. The modern use of oils for the purpose of massage must be credited to her.

Oils made of clove; nutmeg and cinnamon are used in the treatment of various ailments and
management of stress, anxiety and fatigue. Later this technique was used in India and Persia as well.
Fragrance has always attracted people; it soothes an individual and helps in developing one self.
creates wonder when used to create positive effects on both the mind and the spirit of
an individual.  

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