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Aromatherapy skin care product

Sweet skin care

Aromatherapy, an ancient technique of treatment, has been in use for thousand of years. The biggest and most powerful proof of the advantages of aromatherapy lies in the remains of ancient Egypt . Herbs and plants were used by the Egyptians for making cosmetics and for religious and medicinal purposes. The Egyptians also used essential oils, herbs and minerals for embalming and preserving their dead in the form of mummies. Modern day aromatherapy was first discovered in France .

The term aromatherapy defines a particular genre of therapy that includes the use of various scented liquids and compounds extracted from plants. These extracts are called essential oils. They are used for bringing positive changes in a person's health and mood. They
also help in preventing diseases. This therapy is at times combined with other medical and spiritual
practices for a better result. The benefits of aromatherapy also lend a space to introduce aromatherapy
skin care product.

Aromatherapy is employed in three spheres – home aromatherapy that includes beauty treatment and
perfumes, clinical aromatherapy that includes medical treatment and aromachology which means
understanding the psychology of odors and the ways in which they affect the mind. Skin care employing
aromatherapy is a part of home aromatherapy. This type of skin care has become the most famous form
of beauty treatment because of its various benefits for the body, the mind as well as the spirit. Also,
for the safest beauty treatment, aromatherapy skin care product is used that ensures minimal skin
reaction or allergy that might occur with the use of the products.

Aromatherapy can be used for the treatment of any type of skin. Aromatherapy skin care product
makes use of essential oils that are used for massaging, mineral baths and perfumes. Various
aromatherapy skin products can easily be purchased from the market or online. They are available in the
form of oils, perfumes, itras, powders and gels. This form of beauty treatment can not only be availed in parlors and salons but can be easily used at home also. 

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