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Lemon aromatherapy

Lemon aromatherapy – benefit from the several remedial properties of lemon

Considering the benefits rendered by lemon oil, it is also an essential part of aromatherapy. It lifts up the spirits and has a cooling and refreshing effect. The effect of the oil is such that it also helps in decision making, provides emotional stability to an individual and aids him/her to fight depression and fear. Lemon aromatherapy massage from this oil improves clarity and concentration. Apart from this, it is also a great healer for skin problems and is a great way to treat dandruff, dead skin and improves the user's complexion.

A regular lemon aromatherapy massage also reduces varicose veins and broken capillaries and also
minimizes corns and warts. Lemon is also good to strengthen weak nails. Lemon oil very effectively
tones and cleanses the body. Many people prefer lemon aromatherapy as lemon has properties to
remove fatty tissues and other waste products. Thus, it is also known to be an effective cleansing
tonic. Circulatory problems are also effectively treated with this kind of aromatherapy. It has a tangy,
tart and clean scent like that of a freshly grated fruit. It has antiviral properties and ensures
tranquility of mind and also acts as a detoxifier of bad thoughts and cures the diseases of the body,
mind and soul of an individual, leaving him/her feeling fresh and healthy.

However, one should be conscious not to be exposed to the sun after lemon aromatherapy as it is
photosensitive. Lemon oils can be combined with essential oils and dusting rags during aromatherapy
to speed up the process of detoxification. However, the essential oils that should be used vary from
one individual to other.  

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