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Aromatherapy Rosemary

Aromatherapy Rosemary

It is seen that many of us are afraid of visiting the doctor as we are afraid of painful injections and too many doses of medicine. However, if one wants to regain health in a natural manner, aromatherapy is one of the best herbal treatments that help you in rejuvenating the body in a natural way.

Aromatherapy uses fragrance extracted from herbs and flowers. Aromatherapy rosemary oil is an essential oil that is well known for its healing properties. Rosemary is also a popular decoration wedding flower that is often used in funeral arrangements. The constituents of rosemary include camphene, cineol, limonene, borneol, verbonene, and various other oils. It has a strong and pungent smell and its incense is often
used as a disinfectant. However, its antiseptic and anti-fatigue properties make it a much sought after
scented oil for aromatherapy. Rosemary works as a stimulant that also enhances memory. It is an
effective medium for easing the sore muscles. It is also a beauty product that helps in toning the skin.

It also helps in decreasing rheumatic pain. It is an amazing relaxant that helps in providing instant
comfort. It can be used as a bath and massage oil and also helps in reducing skin ailments. Moreover, it
can also heal cancerous sores. However, it is advised that pregnant women do not use rosemary. If one
is a patient of high blood pressure or epilepsy, rosemary is not a good option as it can aggravate the
situation. in most other cases, people find instant relief with rosemary aromatherapy. 

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